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Aseptic cold filling provides assistance for the development of the industry

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On the market, the health, sports, vitality and other characteristics of functional drinks are widely welcomed by office workers and students. And with the increasing proportion of young people staying up late and the increasing work pressure of office workers, the consumption scenarios of functional drinks are also increasing, and their position in the whole beverage market is becoming more and more important. Some industry analysts said that health, personalization, rejuvenation and functionalization may become the mainstream demand of the beverage consumption market in 2020.


Driven by the acceleration of urbanization, the growth of disposable income and the trend of consumption upgrading, China's soft drink market continues to grow. In recent years, the concept of functional drinks is gradually accepted by more and more people, and many brands begin to focus on this market. In addition to red bull, karabao and feihuo, these foreign functional drinks began to enter China. 


In recent years, in addition to soft packaging water, functional beverage industry is growing rapidly, and cake is becoming bigger and bigger. According to relevant public statistics, from 2011 to 2019, China's retail sales of functional drinks reached an annual compound growth rate of 16%. According to this growth rate, the retail sales of functional drinks are expected to reach 163.5 billion yuan in 2020. In fact, compared with developed countries, the per capita consumption of functional drinks in China is only 0.5kg per year, and there is still a large space for consumption of 7kg per capita.


This also reflects the huge development space of functional drinks in China. However, with more and more enterprises entering the Bureau, the competition in the functional beverage market is increasingly fierce. On the whole, most of the new products are concentrated in the field of energy drinks, which tends to be seriously assimilated.


In order to seek changes to cope with competition and the changing market environment, some enterprises have to find a new way, "innovation" flavor to find "freshness". There are also enterprises to meet the needs of the domestic consumer market, a change in foreign canned packaging, using bottled.


It is understood that functional drinks in European and American markets are mainly canned, but in Chinese market, consumers' overall habit for drinks is mainly bottled. Because compared with canning, bottled drinking, carrying and preservation are more convenient. The products of diversified beverage groups such as Nongfu and Wahaha are the main bottlers. At present, the whole market is still in an advanced position. Dongpeng special drinks understands this, the function drink uses the bottle, and opened the market with own strategy.

However, in order to seek product differentiation, there are many packaging styles in the enterprise. In addition to the cans commonly used for functional drinks, there are bottles and boxes, which is different from the current packaging of functional drinks in some enterprises, which only has cans. Of course, like other drinks, the packaging of functional drinks can not be separated from the beverage packaging machinery. With the rapid development of beverage packaging industry, after breaking the monopoly market pattern of single glass containers, metal cans and plastic bottles have emerged one after another, and the beverage packaging presents a diversified development trend.


The diversified development trend of beverage packaging continues to promote the progress of beverage packaging machinery, and with the increase of market demand for aseptic, health and other filling, aseptic packaging technology has been applied in the industry.


Aseptic packaging technology is mainly in normal temperature, the whole product filling and sealing is completed in aseptic environment. In other words, aseptic products are filled into aseptic packaging containers in aseptic environment and then sealed. Compared with traditional filling, beverage filling is safer.


cold drink filling machine manufacturers

Nowadays, domestic beverage packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers, include cold drink filling machine manufacturers  are constantly strengthening the technical research and development of their own equipment, and are committed to the development and application of beverage packaging technology, such as instant sterilization and cold filling technology, which can not only quickly sterilize, but also better retain the original flavor of the product, without adding any preservatives and sweeteners. At present, domestic beverage packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers have made great progress in this area, and have a strong competitive strength in price and after-sales service.


With the further standardization of the functional beverage market and the enhancement of people's awareness of nutrition and health care, the proportion of the functional beverage will be increased, and the prospect of the functional beverage market is promising. However, in order to better cope with the competition and the changing market environment, the functional beverage processing enterprises need to constantly seek change and product differentiation. At the same time, they need to improve the filling quality or market competitiveness with the help of advanced beverage packaging machinery such as aseptic cold filling.


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