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A Guide On The Components Of An Automatic Bottle Juice Filling Machine

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Most people around the world love juice, but very few people know that the bottle filling machine is used in juice making. 

bottle juice filling machine

During the bottle juice-making process, the protection of the product and other ingredients inside the container are some important factors to consider.

Bottle filling sterilizes the product and inside the container because without bottle filling, the liquid or product can easily be contaminated or get damaged. 

However, for you to get the best and premium quality machine, you have to purchase such from a renowned bottle juice filling machine manufacturers with lots of experience in the business.

Basic Features of Automatic Juice Filling Machine

• The production speed control is done by the PLC system 

• It is convenient to operate due to the touch screen controller,

• The machine uses a magnetic constant torque device in sealing, and the sealing of bottle caps is done without harm.

• Compact structure, high automation, efficient control system, easy operation.

• The effective overload protection device of the machine protects both the operator and the equipment.

• Food-grade stainless steels are the major components that have contact with fluid, and this makes it more comfortable and easy to clean it.

• With its constant high-speed filling values, you can obtain an accurate liquid level and with no-spill.

How Does the Bottle Juice Filling Machine Work?

Bottle juice filling automatic machines is common among customers, especially people who are into the production of bottled juice. 

You probably might have come across one bottle juice filling machine. Well, if you have not, this bottle of juice filler has 4 stages of operation. 

It has the bottle rinsing machine, pulp filling machine, juice filling machine as well as the capping machine together. Let’s take a closer look at how each component work.


1. Bottle Rinsing machine

To start with, the rinsing machine can wash into any part of the bottle wall. Now, you might be wondering how is this achieved? 

It is simply by the spray nozzles attached to the machine. The bottle juice filling machine has a unique turning-over bottle clamp with a bottle clamp that locks the bottleneck. 

With this, the contamination on the bottle screw is prevented as the spray nozzle is directed into the bottles for proper rinsing.

2. Pulp Filling

 Are you thinking of how the filling of pulp and juice can be obtained or you think they are attached together?

Bottle juice filling machine has made things easy for you by having a separate filling of pulp and juice. This has also solved the problem of uneven content of the pulp. 

The pulp filling has a valve structure responsible for CIP cleaning and SIP sterilization of the inner and outer walls of the valve.

Most parts are made of high-quality stainless steel to improve resistance to corrosion.


3. Juice filling

When you have a good structural design of the bottled juice filling machine running smoothly, you just want to produce more and more juice. Also, you won’t want your machine to get spoil easily during and after production.

So, one of the best things in this machine is that; it is made of standard stainless steel that can resist corrosion. 

The storage hopper is a whole-closed structure to reduce environmental pollution as a result of filling under gravity.

4. Capping machine

 For capping of your container, the bottle juice filling machine has a magnetic torque device with index dial for adjustment and can adjust the torque to your specification. 

The product comes immediately after the juice has been filled to avoid contamination of the product.


The bottled juice filling machine manufacturers have done great work to produce such an amazing machine that gives absolute ease and convenience during the production of bottle juice.

Most outstanding is the automatic bottle, pulp filling, juice filling, and capping machines that all come together in this piece of equipment.

However, in order to get the best deal on this piece of equipment, it is important that you work with professional and experienced bottle juice filling machine manufacturers that can give you the best value for your money.


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